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No more feeling lost in the crowd.

Your message, front and center, feeling just like the content they love.

Welcome to Native Video Advertising by SGTV.
FACT: Singaporeans spend significant time on their mobile devices and social media platforms Native video ads tend to get more engagement since they appear as a natural part of the user feed.

What Exactly Is Native Video Advertising?

Video marketing is playing a bigger and bigger role in how people consume ads.

Native video advertising is video advertising that blends with the content to appear more like a natural part of the user's experience.

It provides an opportunity to tell a story in the form of text, images, or both, and brands can choose to use captions or voiceovers to convey messages about their products and services.

There's greater flexibility in targeting and the ability to reach audiences regardless of their device or platform of choice.

Benefits of Native Video Advertising

  • 1. Standing out in the digital world
  • 2. Telling a story in a format that users are already familiar with
  • 3. Greater flexibility in targeting and the ability to reach audiences
  • 4. Reaching a highly targeted audience
  • 5. Boosting ad recall and purchase intent
Needless to say, this form of viewable video advertising is one of the hottest ways to stand out in the digital world and marketers are taking notice.

Now, audiences consume both native ads and video content at concurrently growing rates, making their relationship a natural fit.

Why Use Native Video Ads

They get a wider reach

They attract attention

More engagement

With billions of video views across the web every day, it’s no wonder that advertisers want to take advantage of this trend.

The result?

More engagement, more attention, and more conversions.

You'll be amazed when you discover just how easy it is to connect with modern local consumers across a variety of interests and backgrounds.

Advertising Is Hard.

We Make It An Absolute Breeze

As you probably already know...

It is now far more important than ever before for brands to show up where it matters to grow traffic and drive sales.

What's more...

It's also crucial that you’re driving awareness for your brand while also converting traffic into customers. 

At SGTV, we help you influence purchase decisions, amplify your brand's presence and expand reach.

Our team of experts will take care of the heavy-lifting, driving awareness to your products/services and prompting your potential customers to take action.

We're talking top-tier, problem-solving wizards who get the job done, period,

Plus, you can rest easy, secure in the knowledge that we collaborate with leading industry experts through various partnerships and integrations to uphold the highest quality standards for the display and context of your ads.

We Create Native Video Ads That Sell

Finally, unlock the power of scroll-stopping, attention-grabbing videos and scale your business the way you’ve always wanted without the hard work.

Generally up to 15 seconds, our Native Video Ads are unapologetically dedicated to one thing and one thing only:
"Stop browsers in the scroll, get them hungry for what your business has to offer and turn them into buyers...."
We produce our videos using curated stock footage and deploy the latest findings in consumer psychology to lift response.

Did You Know... 🤔💭

Consumers are more likely to engage with native ads than traditional display ads. Native ads are viewed 53% more than display ads and are 62% easier to understand than display ads and 31% easier than social ads. They also create an 18% increase in purchase intent, and 68% of consumers trust native ads seen in an editorial context more than social media ads​
Think of having a Native Video Ad as your first step in a journey, drawing viewers irresistibly towards that all-important click, leading them to your offer.

The stage is set, the spotlight is yours – now, make your move!

Now you can get your message in front of the perfect target audience over and over again and turn clicks into customers like clockwork.

Our Process


We get it.

Video creation can seem like a daunting task especially when you have a business to run, which is why we practically do it all for you.

1. We clarify the buying intent of your ideal customer
2. We sum up your value proposition into easy to understand visuals that say it all to drive home the point when you have one shot to make it happen.
3. We turn everything into a scroll-stopping Native Video Ad

Using Artifical Intelligence

Start Turning Views Into Revenue

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