Get To Know People By Their Name

┬áDon’t make the mistake of knowing them by their handle or nickname.
You need to remember both their first and last names.
Refer to them as their name when you’re dealing with them.
Also, don’t be afraid to set up a business lunch with the people you meet on LinkedIn.
Do your best to get to know them as personally as possible.
Business is a very personal sport, and you need to take away the anonymity of the internet.
See people as living creatures, and you will begin to treat them as such.
It’s a small hack in the world of business that will have enormous consequences down the line for your financial future.
If you can deal with people on a personal level, it’ll give you the upper hand because that’s how humans like to be treated.
It’s when you act like people are a number that they forget you and your business.

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